AOM Indonesia
Your Professional Ship Crewing Company
Benefits To Ship-Owners & Ship-Managers

When using the crewing services of PT. AOM INDONESIA for personnel recruiting, training and employment it will give the following benefits to our clients:

  • Our client will not be hassled with the recruiting and selection processes of Indonesian seamen, as all these tasks will be performed by PT. AOM Indonesia and the client will get a list of successful/ passed applicants to be selected for employment onboard its vessels
  • Our client will not be troubled with the hiring/ firing processes (employment process) for the selected crew to work onboard the vessels which include the crew individual arrangement and his family affairs/ welfare as PT. AOM INDONESIA will take over these management tasks
  • Our client will not be troubled with calculating the crew salary payments and local social security as the client will remit the funds at once every month to PT. AOM Indonesia who will do the distribution payment and reporting obligations
  • Our client will not be troubled to comply with the national and international mandatory regulations and conventions as related to the training requirement, as PT. AOM INDONESIA will take over these tasks to coordinate and provide the necessary training programs, and such completion according to Indonesia’ regulation 
  • Our client can be assured of complying with the provision under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 and its amendments as our company does not charge any application fee nor to charge for any job placement fee
  • Our client can be assured of doing and conducting business legally within Indonesia by appointing PT. AOM Indonesia as your agent since we have the latest business license as regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Manpower hence complied with all Indonesian regulations